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PC Support

Is your computer running too slow? Or it's not just starting or booting? Or perhaps you need to set up and configure new PCs, laptops, Tv or streaming devices? Access our range of support services either on-site or off-site.

On-site Support/Repair

We provide on-site support/ repair wherever and whenever you want it. Sydney region only.

Off-Site Support

We provide off-site support for issues that can be resolved remotely.

Pickup & Delivery

Our pickup & delivery team ensures seamless handling of your order.

Australian Support

Our support team is based in Sydney, Australia are available for on-site support.

Let our dedicated team of on-site and off-site support and repair engineers build, set-up, manage, repair and upgrade your laptops, PC, servers, routers, switches, printers, scanners, faxes, smart TVs and other streaming devices. We optimize the speed of slow computers making them faster, we clean up your computer malware, viruses, spyware etc.

Our Sydney, Australian based support team is available to answer all your questions as well as provide on-demand off-site support via a combination of various medium such as email, call, chat or remote access tools. We also provide on-site support and repair PC support services within Australia. Let us take charge of your hardware infrastructure today.

Ozzietel PC Support & Repair Process

Step 1: Select the required service

Simply select the service you require from this page and click on book now

Step 2: Create an account and process initial payment

  • Create an account by entering in all the required details.
  • Make an initial booking payment of $50 which is required by us to commit resources to fulfilling your order. However, this will be deducted from the full agreed payment at job completion.
  • The $50 initial payment is non-refundable unless the order is cancelled by us.
  • If you select our pickup and delivery service, an additional $30 fee will be added to the final order cost.

Step 3: Text Message and Email will be sent to you

After successfully creating an account and releasing the initial $50 payment, you will receive a text message and email within 24 hours to confirm the appointment
Ozzietel PC Support & Repair Services
On-Site and Remote PC Support
On-Site and Off-Site PC Repair
On-Site and Off-Site PC Hardware Upgrades
On-Site and Off-Site Operating System Install and Upgrade
On-Site and Remote Virus, Spyware and Trojan horse Removal
On-Site and Remote Data Backup and Transfer Data
Off-Site Building Custom PC's and Servers
On-Site Network/Wi-Fi Configuration
On-Site Smart Tv, Chromecast, Apple Tv, & other Streaming Devices setup

On-Site, Off-Site & Remote PC Support & Repair Syndey Region

Our proactive and dedicated support team offers both on-site and off-site support, virus, spyware and malware removal. We also provide PCs, servers, routers, switches, printers, scanners, smart TV and faxes setup, repair, and upgrades.

Sydney Region Service
Please note that our service area includes Sydney CBD and any suburb within the range
of 25KMs away from Sydney CBD.
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Frequently asked questions

What type of devices do you repair and offer hardware upgrade for?

They include but are not limited to PCs, Laptops, servers, routers, switches, printers, scanners, smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and faxes

What type of devices do you offer support for?

They include but are not limited to PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Routers, Switches, TV’s, Chromecast, Apple TV, and other streaming devices.

Is the initial payment refundable?

The initial $50 Payment is non-refundable. We will only refund it if we cancel the order or if we cannot support or fix the product.
If the support/repair service is cancelled by the customer due to the cost or any other factors, then the initial payment is non-refundable.

How do we calculate the estimated cost of repair and services?

The initial $50 payment will be credited towards the final cost of the repair service.
Upon investigating the fault/service cause, we will provide a quotation with an estimated cost of service including hardware and software cost if required. Our hourly rate is $75, and our pickup and delivery service cost an additional $30 fee.

Can I get instant support?

No, we only offer support that is prebooked within a 24-hour notice.

How will I know when you will be calling or visiting the site?

After the initial payment has been made, we will notify you within 24 hours via SMS and email to confirm appointment.

Which cities do you offer onsite and remote service for?

We only offer onsite and remote service for Sydney region including pickups and deliveries. Please note that there is a pick-up and delivery fee of $30.

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