Domain Names (Renew)

After finding a domain that represents your product and services, ensure that you never lose out. Renew your domain to make sure that your product and services are always available.

Domain Manager

Our domain manager makes it easy to manage your domain.

Domain Privacy

Protect your .com & .net domain’s information from the public.

Anycast DNS network

Reduce DNS query latency and increases redundancy.

Renewal Protection

Auto-renewal & manual email reminder means you never lose your domain.

It does not matter if you are a start-up or an already established local brand, having a functional domain is one of the most important steps in growing your brand beyond your locality. Our domain renewal process helps you keep your domain name after registering them by renewing them before they expire. You can choose to set your domain renewal process to automatic so that you never have any fear of losing them. If you don’t fancy auto renewal, our several email reminders will ensure that you don’t forget to renew your domain.

Our domain privacy service ensures that your contact information for your .com and .net domains is not publicly available, hence, protecting your privacy. Our user-friendly domain manager makes it very easy to manage your domain and set-up auto-renewal if you decide to do so. Our Anycast DNS network provides added security by the reduction of DNS query latency and increased redundancy leading to increased website speed and availability in the process.

Domain Name Renewal Process

Renewal Options

  • Either click on one of our renewal reminders from your email box or login to your account and then manually select the domain you want to renew.

Complete Payment

  • Complete payment by following the provided instructions.

Renew Accepeted

  • Renewal is completed and you are notified via email as well. Alternatively, you can choose to set-up auto-renewal to automate this manual process but ensure that your payment medium is funded.
Domain Name Prices
Features included with domain names

Domain Manager

Anycast DNS network

Zone Management


Email forwarding

Auto Renew

No Hidden Costs

24/7 Technical Support

Keep your Domain details Private

For just $9.95 a year, you can keep your .com and .net domain details including your contact information private and protected from the public by preventing people from accessing your personal information when they do a WHOIS search.

Payment Methods Accepted By Ozzietel
Direct Debit
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Frequently asked questions

What's a domain name?

This is the name of your website. It is a human readable form of an IP address. Web browsers needs an IP address to locate a website location, however, humans work well with words rather than number, hence, a Domain Name Server (DNS) translate the website domain name you have typed with the corresponding IP address behind the scenes to locate it.

What's a Top Level Domain (TLD)?

This is the part after the dot in your domain name. For example, if we consider, the TLD is “com”. Many other popular TLD are .org, .net, Ozzietel offers over 1000 TLDs.

Do I have to renew my domain when I transfer?

Yes, if you have a generic TLD domain such as .com or .net, but for country specific TLD domain such as .au, .nz or, this is not required.

What is WHOIS Domain Privacy?

WHOIS (Who is responsible) is an internet service that makes it possible to look up a domain’s information. However, WHOIS Domain privacy helps to keep your .com and .net domain details including your contact information private and protected from the public by preventing access to that information when they do a WHOIS search.

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