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Enhance engagement, stimulate interest, and invoke passion from your audience with our professionally designed and purpose-built integrated Audio-Visual solutions

Professional Engineers

We have trained professional engineers available at your service.

Expert Consultation

Our trained AV experts provide consultation to meet your need.

End to End Solutions

We provide a comprehensive solution from the beginning to the end.

Australian Support

Our trained AV experts provide after delivery support and training.

Our audio-visual solution is meticulously crafted with your requirements in mind; your satisfaction is of utmost priority to us; you will receive constant updates regarding the delivery and installation of the products. We ensure that we don’t overburden you with too much complicated technical jargon; hence we try to keep it simple as much as we can. Our products are relatively easy to use so little, or no training at all will be needed. You will be able to use your AV equipment right away. However, if there is any problem, our technical support services are also at your service to help

Ozzietel AV Solution Process

Step 1: Requirements Analysis

Understanding the users, their wants, needs, and challenges.

The first stage of our workflow is first to understand the user requirement, which includes wants, needs as well as underlying problems and challenges. Getting this information early is important because it helps us set the desired outcomes and success criteria for the project, which is instrumental to the success of the project. This stage also involves the engagement with all stakeholders in the organization that will be involved in the project

Step 2: Design

Collaborative project framework design to set success criteria and outcomes.

In this stage, the client is presented with the summarised findings from the audited data from the previous stage. An initial design suggestion and the overall project direction are also given to the client at this stage. The success criteria and outcomes are finalized, taking into consideration the client’s feedbacks when building the project framework.

Afterwards, our team of engineers and consultants produces a detailed solution that explains everything that the project requires from the hardware to the software as well as how the system will be designed; this includes the user interface design and aesthetics. This stage also provides for the selection of the applications that will be used. Further refinements are carried out to ensure that all the client’s requirements are met; a PoC (Proof of Concept) is created to collect real-world feedbacks if needed at this stage.

Step 3: Install

Installation of components to meet customer requirements

We boast a diverse and experienced team of delivery partners and experts consisting of project managers, installation technicians, engineers in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, as well as around the world. We have the expertise to implement the most complicated audio-visual systems, even when they are in multiple sites and locations.

We follow a disciplined approach to installation that ensures that expectations and success criteria are not only met but exceeded through constant client communication. After the installation is completed, we believe that training of our client’s staff and change management are two critical factors that are also essential during the installation process. Consequently, our team of expert support engineers ensures that the necessary training and support are customized to meet the client’s needs via both online and in-person sessions

Step 4: Support

We provide different support packages

After the installation process is completed and handed over to the client, we offer various types of support services to ensure that any problem is quickly fixed to minimize downtime and also to optimize the system. Our support team provides different types of support services with different Service Level Agreement. Some of our support services also includes free training for the client’s staff, regular account reviews and regular system health check.
Ozzietel AV Services
Audio Visual Consultation Design and Installation
Public Address Systems Design and Installation
Home Theater Installation and Setup
Repair and Maintance of Audio Visual Equipment

Complete Audio-Visual Solution

We provide complete audio-visual solutions to meet your business, educational, governmental, healthcare, venue, entertainment and broadcast needs.

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