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You have been dreaming of a dynamic web presence featuring your own blog, a discussion forum, your own image gallery and an e-commerce shopping cart to moneytize your online efforts? We offer all the tools you need, you can use them without any programming knowledge and they’re free with your Ozzietel web hosting account!

Wordpress blogging platform
b2evolution and Nucleus are also supported
No programming skills needed.

Start blogging in seconds with our Instant Presence blogging tools. Million of blogs worldwide are powered by Wordpress and it’s available in our package. Our instant presence solution also allows you to install b2evolution and Nucleus. No need to sworry about installation, it's done in 1-click using Panelbox.

Complete discussion board SMF is also supported
Your online community

Bulletin boards and online communities are widely popular. Start your own discussion board easily with phpBB or SMF which are jampacked with entertaining feature for your website visitors. With their clean look and simple user interface you will clearly enjoy working with phpBBor SMF. Ready to go in one click.

Drupal, Joomla & Mambo Popular CMS Geeklog, PHP-Nuke, Post-Nuke, phpWebSite, Siteframe, phpWCMS, TYPO3 and Xoops are also supported
Full featured portals and content management

Featuring blogs, news aggregators, discussion forums and content edition, the content management systems offer everything you need to power and manage a complete dynamic web site. They are ideal to manage big projects with images, audio files, data and web documents. They will also ease the task of archiving your content.

Image Gallery
Your photos on your website 4images and Coppermine also supported
Easy Online Photo Publishing

Instant Presence Image gallery softwares will allow you to create albums, send your photos all at once, create thumbnails and more. With its photo editing, comments, captions and reordering features, you photo album will be organized, alive and online in no time. Instant Presence supports Gallery, 4images & Coppermine.

Easy shopping cart buildingCubecart and Zen Cart are also supported
E-Commerce and Shopping Carts

Selling goods online has never been so easy, thanks to osCommerce. Featuring support for the most popular payment gate ways and a wide range of modules, osCommerce will have you selling online in no time. Cubecart and Zen Cart are also supported. Start your online shop now with Ozzietel's 1-click InstantPresence softwares.

Spice it up with more free and optional extras
Customer Relationship and FAQ
  • Live Help : Crafty Syntax Live Help, Help Center Live
  • Ticket systems : osTicket, PerlDesk, phpSupport, Support Logic
  • FAQ : FaqMasterFlex
Web site enhancement
  • Polls : Advanced Poll, php ESP poll manager, PhpSurveyor
  • Sitebuilders : Soholaunch Pro (licence req.), Template Express
  • Mailing Lists : phpList
  • Wiki : Tikiwiki and phpWiki
Hosting Plans Starting From $3.95/month
  • Classified : phpAuction and Noahs Classified
  • Ad server : phpAdsNew
  • Hosting : AccountLab Plus and phpCOIN
  • Miscellanous : NewPHPLinks, Moodle, Open-Realty
  • Calendar : Webcalendar

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